Ian Smith quotes: I don't believe in black majority rule in Rhodesia…not in a thousand years
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# Title Category Hits Rating
1 What a way to go!
- Brenda O'Malley is home making dinner as usual, when Tim Finnegan arrives at her door. "Brenda, may ...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 75 0
2 Itch - ouch -itch - ouch.
- What is total agony? A one-armed man hanging from a twenty storybuilding, with a serious case of joc...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 87 0
3 No Irish Lawyers?
- Q: Why are there so few Irish lawyers?A: The majority of them can't pass the bar!...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 75 0
4 Choo-Choo!
- Why are Blondes like railroad tracks?Because they are famous for getting laid all over the world!!!...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 77 0
5 Sheep Shagging
- A researcher is conducting a survey into sheep shagging. First of all he visits a Cornish farmer."So...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 98 0
6 Medium Smeduim!
- For months, Mrs. Pitzel had been nagging her husband to go with her to the seance parlor of Madame F...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 64 0
- What did the blonde say when she saw the YMCA sign??LOOK!!! They spelled MACY's wrong!!!!...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 154 0
8 Liver and Cheese.
- A Border Patrol agent is on duty. He spots two Mexicans and stopsthem. They show him their papers, b...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 82 0
9 Heaven or Hell?
- There are three guys who are good friends. One is an American, oneis Polish, and one is Italian.They...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 66 0
10 No more Jewish jokes!
- One guy says to another guy, "Mandelbaum and Rosenstern were talking one day..."Right away, his frie...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 71 0
11 Earn cash in your spare time...
- Earn cash in your spare time.. blackmail your friends!...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 109 0
12 The morning after...
- Don't hate yourself in the morning - sleep till noon....Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 82 0

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