brb has lost all meaning... since when did brb mean "be back in 4 hours after lunch"
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1 Car and train jokes
- Monster: I've got to walk 25 miles home. Ghost: Why don't you take a train. Monster: I did o...Read the whole joke
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2 0
- Did you hear about the boy who had to do a project on trains? He had to keep track of everythi...Read the whole joke
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3 0
- What do you call a witch who drives really badly? A road hag....Read the whole joke
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4 0
- Why did the stupid racing car driver make ten pit stops during the Grand Prix? He was asking f...Read the whole joke
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5 0
- What's the difference between a teacher and a conductor on the railroad? One trains the mind, ...Read the whole joke
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6 0
- What do you get if you cross a Rolls Royce with a vampire? A monster that attacks expensive ca...Read the whole joke
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7 0
- Auntie Maud bought herself a new rear-engine European car. She took an old friend for a drive, b...Read the whole joke
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8 0
- How do you stop a dog howling in the back of a car? Put him in the front....Read the whole joke
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9 0
- What car do insects drive? A Volkswagen automobile....Read the whole joke
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10 0
- My dad is stupid. He thinks a fjord is a Norwegian motor car....Read the whole joke
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