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# Title Category Hits Rating
1 Mark Your Calendar
- A very important event is going to happen on May the 4th. I'm telling you so early because it's so i...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 110 0
2 Want Ads- Illiterate?
- 1. Illiterate? Write today for free help.2. Auto Repair Service. Free pick-up and delivery. Try us o...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 219 0
3 Most Religious
- A Jew, a Christian and a Muslim were having a discussion about who was the most religious."I was rid...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 162 0
4 Cannibal and Clown
- Q: What did one cannibal say to the other cannibal while eating the clown?A: "Does this taste funny ...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 152 0
5 Howe 2 right gud
- Nowe u two can rite gud!Howe two rite gudFrank L. ViscoVice-president and Senior Copywriter at US Ad...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 186 0
6 Call A Smart Blonde
- Q: What do you call a smart blond?A: A golden retriever!...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 193 0
7 Take The Pill
- Q: Why do Blondes take the pill?A: So they know what day of the week it is....Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 212 0
8 Bake A Long Time
- Q: Why did the blonde bake a chicken for three and a half days?A: It said cook it for half an hour p...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 223 0
9 Sugar In Urine
- Q: What did the blonde do when her doctor told her she had sugar in her urine?A: She peed on her cor...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 239 0
10 M&M Factory
- Q: Do you know why the blonde got fired from the M&M factory?A: She kept throwing out all the "W"s!...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 275 0

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