My love is so great that a thousand men could not keep me from stalking you.
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1 College jokes
- How can you tell if a California State coed is a good cook? She can get the pop tart out of th...Read the whole joke
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- Professor: A wise man doubts everything. Only a pin-head is positive. Student: Are you s...Read the whole joke
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- Three students from Michigan State, the University of Kentucky and Texas A & M on summer vacatio...Read the whole joke
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- Tipton and Baldwin shared a room on the North Carolina campus. One day Tipton came in and said...Read the whole joke
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- Higginbote and Goldstein, Fordham freshmen, were discussing what kind of work would supply mem w...Read the whole joke
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- What is the second stupidest thing in the world? An Arkansas architectural student out in the ...Read the whole joke
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- "Where are my shoes?" asked the Iowa State professor as the class ended. "They're on your feet...Read the whole joke
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- Professor: I forgot to take my umbrella this morning. Wife: When did you first miss it, dear...Read the whole joke
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- Arvil was coming out of the Texas University student building when he was stopped by two coeds. ...Read the whole joke
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- A survey was being taken on the University of Arizona campus. The survey taker asked a socce...Read the whole joke
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- Biddle and Payne, two elderly English professors, were having lunch in the cafeteria. During...Read the whole joke
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- Mrs. McKenzie was showing Corbett, the contractor, through the second floor of her new house to ...Read the whole joke
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