If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?
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# Title Category Hits Rating
1 JokesGalore News Wire...
- "Fresh in from the JokesGalore.com News Wire..."According to inside contacts, the Japanese banking c...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 87 0
2 Philly Cops
- Two men are driving through Philadelphia when they get pulled over by a Highway Patrolman. The cop w...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 93 0
3 S.H.I.T (Special High Intensity Traning)
- Special High Intensity Training - S.H.I.T.MEMORANDUMTO: All EmployeesFROM: Communications ServicesSU...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 123 0
4 Payback IS a Bit....
- A man walks into a bar one night. He goes up to the bar and asks for a beer. "Certainly, sir, that'l...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 96 0
5 The Big Shake-up!
- A company, feeling it was time for a shake-up, hires a new CEO. This new boss is determined to rid t...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 99 0
6 A Childs View Of A Retirement
- After Christmas break, the teacher asked her small pupils how they spent their holidays.One small bo...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 110 0
7 The Boy Who Thinks He\'s A Chicken
- Girl to Doctor: Doctor, Help! My brother thinks he's a chicken! Doctor: How long has this been going...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 116 0
8 The De-Ranged Cowboy
- Cowboy Joe was telling his fellow cowboys, back on the ranch, about his first visit to a big-city ch...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 110 0
9 Short Guide To Religions
- Taoism: Shit happens.Buddhism: If shit happens, it's not really shit.Islam: If shit happens, it's th...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 118 0
10 At the Club.
- So this guy wants to go into a nightclub, but the bouncer says -"Sorry, bud, you need a tie for this...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 122 0
11 A Blonde's Dream
- One day a blonde kept having the same weird dream everyday, so she went to her doctor.Doctor: What w...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 164 0
12 Car needs a fixin!
- My wife came home yesterday and said, "Honey, the car won't start, but I know what the problem is."I...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 104 0

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