Dan Quayle quotes: For NASA, space is still a high priority
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1 Computer jokes
- This customer comes into the computer store. "I'm looking for a mystery Adventure Game with lo...Read the whole joke
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2 0
- Redmond, WA --Microsoft announced today that the official release date for the new operating s...Read the whole joke
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- What do computers eat when they get hungry? Chips....Read the whole joke
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- What's the difference between Windows 95 and a virus? A virus does something....Read the whole joke
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5 Aardvark jokes
- What is uglier than an aardvark? Two aardvarks!...Read the whole joke
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6 0
- What does the aardvark call his dog? Aard-bark!...Read the whole joke
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7 0
- What is the difference between an aardvark and a coyote? One has a long smeller, the other, a lou...Read the whole joke
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8 0
- Who loves hamburgers, French fries, and ants? Ronald MacAardvark!...Read the whole joke
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9 0
- What does an aardvark keep in his aquarium? An aard-shark!...Read the whole joke
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10 Email this funny joke to a friend!
- Q: What goes VROOM, SCREECH,VROOM, SCREECH,VROOM, SCREECH? A: A blonde going through a flashi...Read the whole joke
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