I have a God-given talent. I got it from my dad.
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1 Travel and tourist jokes - 25541
- A person checks into a hotel for the first time in his life, and goes up to his room. Five minut...Read the whole joke
83 0
2 Travel and tourist jokes - 25542
- A farmer, who went to a big city to see the sights, asked the hotel's clerk about the time of ...Read the whole joke
83 0
3 Travel and tourist jokes - 25543
- A traveller pulls into a hotel around midnight and asks the clerk for a single room. As the cler...Read the whole joke
99 0
4 Travel and tourist jokes - 25544
- "Room Service? Can you send up a towel?" "Please wait, someone else is using it."...Read the whole joke
85 0
5 Travel and tourist jokes - 25545
- "Room service? Send up a larger room."...Read the whole joke
75 0
6 Travel and tourist jokes - 25546
- A not so rich couple decided to stay at a very exclusive hotel for a night. The manager immediat...Read the whole joke
88 0
7 Travel and tourist jokes - 25547
- "And will there be anything else, sir?" the bellboy asked after setting out an elaborate dinne...Read the whole joke
78 0
8 Travel and tourist jokes - 25548
- A traveler became lost in the Sahara desert. Realizing his only chance for survival was to find ...Read the whole joke
82 0
9 Travel and tourist jokes - 25549
- Three New Zealanders and three Aussies are travelling by train to a cricket match at the World C...Read the whole joke
89 0
10 Travel and tourist jokes - 25550
- A magician was working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. The audience would be different each...Read the whole joke
76 0
11 Travel and tourist jokes - 25551
- A group of Americans was touring Ireland. One of the women in the group was a real curmudgeon,...Read the whole joke
85 0
12 Travel and tourist jokes - 25552
- Father O'Mally has been preaching at his church in Ireland for so long, that he decides to take a...Read the whole joke
80 0
13 Travel and tourist jokes - 25553
- The Zen Master is visiting New York City from Tibet. He goes up to a hot dog vendor and says, "...Read the whole joke
76 0
14 Travel and tourist jokes - 25554
- A couple were being given a guided tour of Pico da Bandeira, one of the highest mountains in t...Read the whole joke
82 0
15 Travel and tourist jokes - 25555
- A German tourist walks into a McDonald's in New York City and orders a beer. (In Germany and m...Read the whole joke
107 0
16 Travel and tourist jokes - 25556
- This woman is visiting in Israel and notices that her little travel alarm needs a battery. She...Read the whole joke
81 0
17 Travel and tourist jokes - 25557
- A businessman was having a tough time lugging his lumpy, oversized travel bag onto the plane. ...Read the whole joke
77 0
18 Travel and tourist jokes - 25558
- A tourist is visiting New York City when his car breaks down. He jumps out and starts fiddling...Read the whole joke
87 0
19 Travel and tourist jokes - 25559
- Helpful advice for travellers: If you are going to get on a commercial flight, take a bomb with...Read the whole joke
84 0
20 Travel and tourist jokes - 25560
- A man and a woman who have never met before find themselves in the same sleeping carriage of a...Read the whole joke
77 0

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