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1 Old age jokes - 24072
- What's the worst thing about having to kiss Grandma? When the damn coffin lid falls and hits yo...Read the whole joke
106 0
2 Old age jokes - 24073
- Two really old guys decided they would go out and try to play a round of golf together. They g...Read the whole joke
101 0
3 Old age jokes - 24074
- What's the best thing about turning 65? No more calls from insurance salesmen....Read the whole joke
65 0
4 Old age jokes - 24075
- "What's wrong, sonny?" asked the old timer sympathetically, coming over to the little kid who w...Read the whole joke
103 0
5 Old age jokes - 24076
- How do you get four old ladies to say the F word? Have the fifth one say.... BINGO!...Read the whole joke
95 0
6 Old age jokes - 24077
- A little old lady walked into the bank, cashed a small check, and started out. Passing the arm...Read the whole joke
60 0
7 Old age jokes - 24078
- Perhaps you know why women over fifty don't have babies. They would put them down somewhere and...Read the whole joke
85 0
8 Old age jokes - 24079
- Two 80 year old men are driving down the road when they hear the Ex-Lax commercial end with the ...Read the whole joke
71 0
9 Old age jokes - 24080
- A wise old gentleman retired and purchased a modest home near a junior high school. He spent t...Read the whole joke
109 0
10 Old age jokes - 24081
- Worried because they hadn't heard anything for days from the widow in the neighboring apartment,...Read the whole joke
81 0
11 Old age jokes - 24082
- Grandpa: You youngsters are soft and lazy today. When I was your age I got up at six o'clock eve...Read the whole joke
65 0
12 Old age jokes - 24083
- An American tourist found himself in a sleepy country village, and asked one of the locals the a...Read the whole joke
67 0
13 Old age jokes - 24084
- Fred: I haven't slept a wink for the past two nights. Harry: Why's that? Fred: Granny broke he...Read the whole joke
85 0
14 Old age jokes - 24085
- How old is your Grandma? I dunno, but we've had him a long time....Read the whole joke
104 0
15 Old age jokes - 24086
- How can you tell an old person from a young person? An old person can sing and brush their teeth...Read the whole joke
88 0
16 Old age jokes - 24087
- Why is it easy to break in to an old man's house? Because his gait is broken, and his locks ar...Read the whole joke
66 0
17 Old age jokes - 24088
- My grandma has so many wrinkles she has to screw her hat on....Read the whole joke
75 0
18 Old age jokes - 24089
- "Grandma, why don't you drink tea anymore?" "I don't like it ever since that tea bag got stuck...Read the whole joke
82 0
19 Old age jokes - 24090
- An 80-year-old man is having his annual checkup. The doctor asks him how he's feeling. "I've nev...Read the whole joke
83 0
20 Old age jokes - 24091
- Two elderly ladies had been friends for many decades. Over the years they had shared all kinds o...Read the whole joke
69 0

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