I've won at every level, except college and pro.
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# Title Hits Rating
1 Packers
- Why did the Packers tear up the end zone after a Vikings Game?There was too much "Moss" in it!...Read the whole joke
340 0
2 Packing Elephants
- How do you put six elephants in a Volkswagen?...Three in front and three in back......Read the whole joke
248 0
3 Paddy the Puddy Cat sitter...
- One day O'Leary decided to visit his friend Paddy and ask him for a favour."Paddy my friend", he sai...Read the whole joke
236 0
4 Paid By Medicaid
- A Soviet emigre boy and girl come to a doctor's office and say: "Doctor, we would like to know if we...Read the whole joke
265 0
5 Pain Relief
- A man walks in for a sale rep job. He is very qualitfied, but he has a nervous twitch, and his left ...Read the whole joke
238 0
6 Painful Puns
- Hangover: The wrath of grapes.Income Tax: Capital punishment.A used car is not always what it's jack...Read the whole joke
265 0
7 Painful Screams
- Dentist begging the patient: Could you help me? Could you give out a few of your loudest, most painf...Read the whole joke
244 0
8 Paint the Porch
- Hobo shows up at the front door of a grand mansion. The owner comes to the door. Hobo says, "Sir, I ...Read the whole joke
228 0
9 Painting Contractor
- A painting contractor was speaking with a woman about her job. In thefirst room she said she would l...Read the whole joke
311 0
10 Painting in the nude.
- Two nuns are ordered to paint a room in the convent, and the last instruction of the Mother Superior...Read the whole joke
275 0
11 Palindromes
- More cool than funny, but... racecar <===> racecar drawer <===> reward repaid <===> diaper straw <==...Read the whole joke
207 0
12 Panama Canal
- Q: What's the difference between a blonde and the Suez/Panama Canal?A: One's a busy ditch....Read the whole joke
235 0
13 Panda Bear
- What is black and white and red all over? A panda bear with diaper rash!...Read the whole joke
205 0
14 Panda in a Bar
- A panda walked into a bar. He went up to the bar and said "I'd like a steak and kidney pie and a Cok...Read the whole joke
275 0
15 Panic
- Mrs. Smith: Help me, doctor! Little Tommy's swallowed the can-opener!Doctor: Don't panic. He'll be a...Read the whole joke
287 0
16 Panties
- President Clinton was seen walking around the White House one day recently. Laying across one should...Read the whole joke
405 0
17 Pantsy Golfer
- Q: Why did the golfer wear 2 pairs of pants?A: Just in case he got a hole-in-one!...Read the whole joke
156 0
18 Pantyhose
- Q. How many animals can you get into one pair of pantyhose? A. Several. Ten little piggies, two calv...Read the whole joke
263 0
19 Paper or Plastic?
- One day a guy went to a grocery store and the bagger boy asked him "Paperor Plastic" and the man sai...Read the whole joke
258 0
20 Parachute
- Q: Did you hear about the new automatic parachutes, invented by a blond? A: They open on impact....Read the whole joke
300 0

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