Clare Balding is said to be over her initial shock at being diagnosed with cancer. For one terrible moment she thought it was testicular.
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1 Each man gives a story
- Three men were standing in line to get into heaven one day. Apparently it had been a pretty busy day...Read the whole joke
261 0
2 Early Birds
- Very early one morning two birds are sitting at the side of a largepuddle of oil. They see a worm on...Read the whole joke
241 0
3 Early retirement
- The pentagon recently found it had too many generals and offered an early retirement bonus. They pro...Read the whole joke
266 0
4 Early shopping trip.
- It was Christmas and the judge was in a merry mood as he asked the defendant, "What are you charged ...Read the whole joke
213 0
5 Earmuffs
- Why do blondes wear earmuffs? To avoid the draft....Read the whole joke
243 0
6 Earn cash in your spare time...
- Earn cash in your spare time.. blackmail your friends!...Read the whole joke
193 0
7 Ears
- What kind of ear does a train have?an Engineer...Read the whole joke
246 0
8 Easily Explained
- A man goes to his doctor and complains that his wife hasn't wanted to have sex with him for the past...Read the whole joke
239 0
9 Easter Quiz
- Three blondes died in a car crash trying to jump the Grand Canyon and are at the pearly gates of hea...Read the whole joke
250 0
10 Easy Specimens
- An old man goes to the doctor. The doctor asks for stool, urine, blood, and semen samples. The old m...Read the whole joke
203 0
11 Eating with children.
- Eating with ChildrenA guy hosted a dinner party for people from work, including his boss.All during ...Read the whole joke
184 0
12 Ebonic Medical Dictionary
- ARTERY. . . . . . . . .THE STUDY OF PAINTINGSBACTERIA. . . . . . . .BACK DOOR OF A CAFETERIABARIUM. ...Read the whole joke
238 0
13 Ebonics 101
- Welcome to EBONICS 101Herein follow a few terms to help you get started on your merry way towards th...Read the whole joke
187 0
14 Ebonics As a Second Language
212 0
15 Ebonics Christmas
- Ebonics Crimmus PomeWuz de nite befo Crimmus An' all ower de hood ereybody wuz' sleepin' Dey wuz sle...Read the whole joke
197 0
16 Ebonics Version of Windows \'98
- Ebonics Version of Windows '98 Debuts!Microsoft has announced that its special Ebonics version of Wi...Read the whole joke
256 0
17 Ebonics Xmas
- Wuz de night befo CrismusAn all ober de hoodEverybody wuz sleepin'Day wuz sleepin' good. Everbody wu...Read the whole joke
214 0
18 Editing the Prescription
- The patient shook his doctor's hand in gratitude and said, "Since we are the best of friends, I woul...Read the whole joke
217 0
19 Effective Ointment
- Two friends are shopping in a drugstore when one of them tells the other, "My husband says this bran...Read the whole joke
196 0
20 Efficiency Expert
- An efficiency expert concluded his lecture with a note of caution. "You don't want to try these tech...Read the whole joke
301 0

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