Marshal Ferdinand Foch: Airplanes are interesting toys, but they have no military value
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# Title Hits Rating
1 Another yamamma...
- Another yamamma...Your mamma is so fat when god said let there be lighthe asked her to step out of t...Read the whole joke
141 0
2 Answer This Question
- One day, the teacher walks into her classroom and announces to the class that on each Friday, she wi...Read the whole joke
215 0
3 Answering Machine Messages
- Actual answering machine answers recorded and verified by the world famous International Institute o...Read the whole joke
182 0
4 Answers To Everything
- What's the best form of birth control after 50? Nudity What's the difference between a girlfriend an...Read the whole joke
207 0
5 Anyone Here
- Once upon a time there was a female brain cell that by mistake happened to end up in a man's head. S...Read the whole joke
170 0
6 Anything you want!
- A man was sitting at a bar enjoying an after-work cocktail when an exceptionally gorgeous & sexy you...Read the whole joke
204 0
7 AOL/TW Merger.
- Due to the recent merger of AOL and Time Warner, AOL members can soon expect the following changes:T...Read the whole joke
209 0
8 Apologetic Spouse
- Mrs. Riley, you say you divorced your husband 6 years ago, but you have a newborn infant and childre...Read the whole joke
219 0
9 Appeal
- An attorney passed on and found himself in heaven. But not at all happy with his accommodations, he ...Read the whole joke
247 0
10 Apples for sale...
- A guy's driving down a country road when he comes upon a sign saying "Apples - $5.00 each." He think...Read the whole joke
162 0
11 Application to date my daughter
- NOTE: This application will be incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial st...Read the whole joke
225 0
12 Application To NYU-(Classic)
- This is an actual essay written by a college applicant, when applying to NYU where he now attends.3A...Read the whole joke
177 0
13 Applying For A Job
- A blonde was filling out a job application form. She quickly filled out the columns entitled: Name, ...Read the whole joke
231 0
14 Appropriate Penance
- A Priest gets a call from one of his golfing buddies on a Saturday afternoon. "We've got a tee time ...Read the whole joke
214 0
15 Are there Jews in China?
- Sid and Al were sitting in a Chinese restaurant. "Sid," asked Al, "are there any Jews in China?""I d...Read the whole joke
201 0
16 Aren\'t You Sorry?
- An old woman saved a Fairy's life. To repay this, the Fairy promised to grant the old woman three wi...Read the whole joke
408 0
17 Arguments
- Any argument that a man and woman are involved in, the woman gets the last word. Anything a man says...Read the whole joke
204 0
18 Arizona Crazy Law
- You may not have more than two dildos in a house. Any misdemeanor committed while wearing a red mask...Read the whole joke
251 0
19 Arkansan Citizens Trip
- ATTENTION :All citizens of Arkansas planning a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit Willy Jeff1. Before...Read the whole joke
257 0
20 Arkansas
- .. 3 million people, 15 last names....Read the whole joke
252 0

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