I feel bad for people who die on Valentine's Day. How much would flowers cost then, ten grand?
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1 Adjust the Chair
- A lady goes to the dentist. In the chair, the dentist notices a little brown spot on one of her teet...Read the whole joke
233 0
2 Adjustable Face Lift
- This women of forty, being a rather vain person, decided she needed a face lift. With her pocketbook...Read the whole joke
190 0
3 Adultery
- An old man went into confession and told the priest: "Father,I'm 81 married with six children and 13...Read the whole joke
232 0
4 Advantage: Woman!
- Why it's better to be a Woman!1. We got off the Titanic first.2. We get to flirt with systems suppor...Read the whole joke
230 0
5 Advantages Of Being A Woman
- Why it's better to be a Woman! 1. We got off the Titanic first. 2. We get to flirt with systems supp...Read the whole joke
182 0
6 Advantages of older women...
- Advantages of dating older women...An older woman will never wake you up in the middle of the night ...Read the whole joke
186 0
7 Advice
- 1) Never eat at a place called Mom's 2) Never play cards with a man named 'Doc' 3) Never get in bed ...Read the whole joke
202 0
8 Advice From Mom
- A young lady came home and told her Mother that her boyfriend had proposed but she had turned him do...Read the whole joke
174 0
9 Affairs With Men
- Q: Did you hear about the blonde lesbian?A: She kept having affairs with men!...Read the whole joke
234 0
10 Affluance
- A rich society lady was being driven home in the rain when her Rolls Royce gets a puncture.The car s...Read the whole joke
191 0
11 African Missionary
- Did you hear about the African missionary that gave some cannibals their first taste of religion?...Read the whole joke
166 0
12 After a Tonsilectomy?
- After her operation, the famous lady soap opera star was propped up in bed in her private room, as t...Read the whole joke
175 0
13 After Christmas Letter. (Warning: CRUDE)
- December 26, 1999Dear Santa,You must be surprised that I'm writing to you today, the 26th of Decembe...Read the whole joke
203 0
14 After Man, God Said...
- What did God say after he created man?"I can do better than this" and he made woman.But the disrupti...Read the whole joke
185 0
15 After the Office Party
- John, woke up after the annual office Christmas party with a pounding headache, cotton-mouthed and u...Read the whole joke
199 0
16 After You
- My phone bill was past due and I needed to change my service, so I had to visit the local Bell Atlan...Read the whole joke
4398 0
17 Afternoon Quickie
- Joe and Wanda had a small apartment in the city and they decided that the only way to pull off a Sun...Read the whole joke
204 0
18 Again
- Doctor: Have you ever had this before? Patient: Yes. Doctor: Well, you've got it again....Read the whole joke
240 0
19 Age Quotes
- I'm so old they've cancelled my blood type. Bob Hope As you get older three things happen. The first...Read the whole joke
189 0
20 Aged Mother
- With the help of a fertility specialist, a 65 year old woman has a baby. All her relatives come to v...Read the whole joke
183 0

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