Why do bankruptcy lawyers expect to be paid?
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# Title Hits Rating
1 Wart's new!
- |What do you say if you meet a toad?Wart's new!...Read the whole joke
233 0
2 What did the maggot say to another?
- |What did the maggot say to another?What's a nice maggot like you doing in a joint like this!...Read the whole joke
188 0
3 What do you get if you cross a glow worm with a python?
- |What do you get if you cross a glow worm with a python?A 15 foot strip light that can strangle you ...Read the whole joke
166 0
4 What is a grasshopper?
- |What is a grasshopper?An insect on a pogo stick!...Read the whole joke
161 0
5 What is a myth?
- |What is a myth?A female moth!...Read the whole joke
158 0
6 What's a glow worms favorite song?
- |What's a glow worms favorite song?Wake me up before you glow glow!...Read the whole joke
234 0
7 What's up Pussycat!
- |What's a mouse's least favorite record?What's up Pussycat!...Read the whole joke
269 0
8 Whats the world weakest animal?
- |Whats the world weakest animal?A toad, he croaks if you even touch him!...Read the whole joke
226 0
9 When it's becing toad!
- |When is a car like a frog?When it's becing toad!...Read the whole joke
219 0
10 When it's raining cats and dogs!
- |When should a mouse carry an umbrella?When it's raining cats and dogs!...Read the whole joke
271 0
11 Where do frogs keep their money?
- |Where do frogs keep their money?In a river bank!...Read the whole joke
211 0
12 Where do frogs keep their treasure?
- |Where do frogs keep their treasure?In a croak of gold at the end of the rainbow!...Read the whole joke
253 0
13 Where do you find giant snails?
- |Where do you find giant snails?At the end of giants fingers!...Read the whole joke
181 0
14 Where in earth have you been!
- |What did the worm say to the other when he was late home?Where in earth have you been!...Read the whole joke
207 0
15 Where would you put an injured insect?
- |Where would you put an injured insect?In an antbulance!...Read the whole joke
161 0
16 which end of a worm is which
- |How can you tell which end of a worm is which?Tickle it in the middle and see which end laughs!...Read the whole joke
185 0
17 Which fly makes films?
- |Which fly makes films?Stephen Speilbug!...Read the whole joke
178 0
18 Why are spiders like tops?
- |Why are spiders like tops?They are always spinning!...Read the whole joke
223 0
19 Why did the fly fly?
- |Why did the fly fly?Because the spider spied 'er!...Read the whole joke
186 0
20 Why did the lizard go on a diet?
- |Why did the lizard go on a diet?It weighed too much for its scales!...Read the whole joke
209 0

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