I'm pisexual. I am attracted to 3.142 different sexes.
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# Title Hits Rating
1 Maggot Thatcher!
- |Who is the worm's Prime Minister?Maggot Thatcher!...Read the whole joke
269 0
2 make a glow worm happy
- |How do you make a glow worm happy?Cut off his tail, he'll be de-lighted!...Read the whole joke
213 0
3 Miami mice!
- |What squeaks as it solves crimes?Miami mice!...Read the whole joke
215 0
4 Mice cubes!
- |What did Tom get when he locked Jerry in the freezer?Mice cubes!...Read the whole joke
229 0
5 Mice Krispies!
- |What are crisp, like milk and go 'eek, eek, eek' when you eat them?Mice Krispies!...Read the whole joke
219 0
6 Mickey Moose!
- |Who has large antlers, a high voice and wears white gloves?Mickey Moose!...Read the whole joke
255 0
7 Morse toad!
- |What goes dot-dot-croak, dot-dash-croak?Morse toad!...Read the whole joke
230 0
8 mosquito and a fly
- |What is the difference between a mosquito and a fly?Try sewing buttons on a mosquito!...Read the whole joke
243 0
9 mosquito go to the dentist
- |Why did the mosquito go to the dentist?To improve his bite!...Read the whole joke
189 0
10 mosquitos religious
- |Why are mosquitos religious?They prey on you!...Read the whole joke
189 0
11 moth nibble a hole
- |Why did the moth nibble a hole in the carpet?He wanted to see the floor show!...Read the whole joke
174 0
12 Mothmatics
- |What do insects learn at school?Mothmatics!...Read the whole joke
213 0
13 Mouse code!
- |What goes dot, dot, dash, squeak?Mouse code!...Read the whole joke
240 0
14 Mouse Tse Tung!
- |Who is king of all the mice?Mouse Tse Tung!...Read the whole joke
230 0
15 mouse's favorite record?
- |What's a mouse's favorite record?Please cheese me!...Read the whole joke
283 0
16 Mousework!
- |What do mice do when they're at home?Mousework!...Read the whole joke
235 0

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