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# Title Hits Rating
1 Hamsterdam!
- |Where do hamsters come from?Hamsterdam!...Read the whole joke
261 0
2 Hard cheese!
- |What did the mouse say when his friend broke his front teeth?Hard cheese!...Read the whole joke
219 0
3 Have you ever tried worm pie?
- |What's the difference between a worm and an apple?Have you ever tried worm pie?...Read the whole joke
181 0
4 He bowled long hops!
- |What happened when a frog joined the cricket team?He bowled long hops!...Read the whole joke
243 0
5 He goes up the wall!
- |What does a spider do when he gets angry?He goes up the wall!...Read the whole joke
207 0
6 He had his own frog horn!
- |Why did the toad become a lighthouse keeper?He had his own frog horn!...Read the whole joke
209 0
7 He just beetled off!
- |What happened to the man who turned into an insect?He just beetled off!...Read the whole joke
183 0
8 He simply croaked!
- |How did the toad die?He simply croaked!...Read the whole joke
233 0
9 He was de-lighted!
- |What happened to the glow worm who was squashed?He was de-lighted!...Read the whole joke
195 0
10 He was light fingered!
- |Why did the firefly keep stealing things?He was light fingered!...Read the whole joke
278 0
11 He was un hoppy!
- |Why was the frog down in the mouth?He was un hoppy!...Read the whole joke
205 0
12 headmasters and bullfrogs
- |What do headmasters and bullfrogs have in common?Both have big heads that consist mostly of mouth!...Read the whole joke
198 0
13 Hickory hickory dock.
- |Hickory hickory dock.The mouse ran up the clockThe clock struck oneBut the rest got away with minor...Read the whole joke
204 0
14 Hide and squeak!
- |What is a mouse's favorite game?Hide and squeak!...Read the whole joke
257 0
15 Hop on!
- |What did the bus conductor ay to the frog?Hop on!...Read the whole joke
212 0
16 Hop-scotch!
- |What do Scottish toads play?Hop-scotch!...Read the whole joke
201 0
17 Hoppalong Cassidy!
- |What do you call a frog who wants to be a cowboy?Hoppalong Cassidy!...Read the whole joke
145 0
18 Hot croako!
- |What do frogs drink?Hot croako!...Read the whole joke
272 0
19 How do fireflies start a race
- |How do fireflies start a race?Ready steady glow!...Read the whole joke
229 0
20 How do frogs die?
- |How do frogs die?They kermit suidide!...Read the whole joke
180 0

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