All generalizations are false, including this one.
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# Title Hits Rating
1 Farm jokes 01
- |Why did the bull rush?Because it saw the cow slip!What kind of bird lays electric eggs?A battery he...Read the whole joke
282 0
2 Farm jokes 02
- |What do you get if you all sit under a cow?A pat on the head!What's the best way to make a bull swe...Read the whole joke
260 0
3 Farm jokes 03
- |What do you get if you cross a cow with a camel?Lumpy milkshakes!What is the definition of a goose?...Read the whole joke
274 0
4 Farm jokes 04
- |Why do ducks have webbed feet?To stamp out forest fires!Why did the pig go to the casino?To play th...Read the whole joke
304 0
5 Farm jokes 05
- |What is a cow's favorite TV show?Dr Moo!Why was the farmer hopping mad?Because someone had trodden ...Read the whole joke
291 0
6 Farm jokes 06
- |Where do you take sick ponies?To the horsepital!What do you say if you see a flying pig?'I see baco...Read the whole joke
314 0
7 Farm jokes 07
- |Where does a woodsman keep his pigs?In a hog cabin!What is the slowest racehorse in the world?A clo...Read the whole joke
253 0
8 Farm jokes 08
- |What do you call the story of The Three Little Pigs?A pigtail!Where do cows go on a Saturday night?...Read the whole joke
254 0
9 Farm jokes 09
- |Why did the dirty chicken cross the road?For some fowl purpose!How do sheep keep warm in winter?Cen...Read the whole joke
248 0
10 Farm jokes 10
- |Why did the unwashed chicken cross the road twice?Because he was a dirty double crosser!What do you...Read the whole joke
275 0
11 Finding half an apple!
- |What is worse than finding a maggot in your apple?Finding half an apple!...Read the whole joke
211 0
12 Fish jokes 01
- |Which fish can perform operations?A Sturgeon!Where do little fishes go every morning?To plaice scho...Read the whole joke
285 0
13 Fish jokes 02
- |Where do shellfish go to borrow money?To the prawn broker!What do you call a big fish who makes you...Read the whole joke
249 0
14 Fish jokes 03
- |Where are most fish found?Between the head and the tail!What kind of fish will help you hear better...Read the whole joke
298 0
15 Fish jokes 04
- |What do you get if you cross a trout with an apartment?A flat fish!What do you call a dangerous fis...Read the whole joke
281 0
16 Fish jokes 05
- |What kind of money do fishermen make?Net profits!What do you get if you cross a salmon, a bird's le...Read the whole joke
179 0
17 Fish jokes 06
- |Why are gold fish orange?The water makes them rusty!Who held the baby octopus to ransome?Squidnappe...Read the whole joke
160 0
18 fit over a bucket!
- |What's the hardest part of milking a mouse?Getting it to fit over a bucket!...Read the whole joke
141 0
19 Flea jokes 01
- |What is the most faithful insect?A flea, once they find someone they like they stick to them!What i...Read the whole joke
139 0
20 Flea jokes 02
- |What did the clean dog say to the insect?Long time no flea!Who rode a dog and was a confederate gen...Read the whole joke
161 0

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