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# Title Hits Rating
1 A mosque-ito!
- |What is the most religious insect?A mosque-ito!...Read the whole joke
200 0
2 A mouse in a minefield!
- |What goes eek, eek, bang?A mouse in a minefield!...Read the whole joke
209 0
3 A mouse organ!
- |What kind of musical instrument do mice play?A mouse organ!...Read the whole joke
315 0
4 A mouse sandwich!
- |What's gray and furry on the inside and white on the outside?A mouse sandwich!...Read the whole joke
238 0
5 A mouse-tache!
- |What is gray, hairy and lives on a mans face?A mouse-tache!...Read the whole joke
267 0
6 A mouseketeer!
- |What is small, furry and brilliant at sword fights?A mouseketeer!...Read the whole joke
175 0
7 A pool table?
- |What is green and brown, has four legs and can kill you if it falls out of a tree and lands on you?...Read the whole joke
185 0
8 A rubbish bin!
- |What has four wheels and flies?A rubbish bin!...Read the whole joke
172 0
9 A snail with a housing problem!
- |What is the definition of a slug?A snail with a housing problem!...Read the whole joke
182 0
10 A spinning wheel!
- |What do you call a 100 spiders on a tyre?A spinning wheel!...Read the whole joke
194 0
11 A tadpole!
- |What kind of pole is short and floppy?A tadpole!...Read the whole joke
174 0
12 A thin mouse!
- |What's the definition of a narrow squeak?A thin mouse!...Read the whole joke
187 0
13 A toad with a machine gun!
- |What's green and tough?A toad with a machine gun!...Read the whole joke
194 0
14 About one mile a day!
- |What was the snail doing on the highway?About one mile a day!...Read the whole joke
200 0
15 An old croak!
- |What do you call a 100 year old frog?An old croak!...Read the whole joke
237 0
16 Ant jokes 01
- |Where do ants go for their holidays?Frants!What do you call an ant who skips school?A truant!What d...Read the whole joke
179 0
17 Ant jokes 02
- |What do you call an ant who lives with your great uncle?Your great-ant!Who was the most famous ant ...Read the whole joke
196 0
18 Ant jokes 03
- |Where do ants go to eat?At a restaurant!What do you call an ant with five pairs of eyes?Antteneye!W...Read the whole joke
173 0
19 At the spawn shop!
- |Where do you get frogs eggs?At the spawn shop!...Read the whole joke
235 0

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