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# Title Hits Rating
1 I have a keyboard error
- |A person turned on the computer without a keyboard plugged in.When she turns on the computer, the c...Read the whole joke
214 0
2 I'm ignoring Y2K
- |Jack was a COBOL programmer in the mid to late 1990s. After years of being taken for granted and tr...Read the whole joke
204 0
3 If Apple ran Christmas...
- |It would do everything the Microsoft ornaments do, but years earlier, and with a smaller mouse (not...Read the whole joke
162 0
4 If Cray ran Christmas...
- |The holiday season would cost $16 million but would be celebrated faster than any other holiday dur...Read the whole joke
154 0
5 If Dell ran Christmas...
- |Wait a minute? Isn't IBM running this Christmas..?...Read the whole joke
191 0
6 If Dr. Seuss was a technical writer
- |What if Dr. Seuss was a technical writer? Here are several examples of what he may write to help yo...Read the whole joke
236 0
7 If Fisher Price ran Christmas...
- |"Baby's First Ornament" would have a hand-crank that you turn to hang the thing on the tree....Read the whole joke
164 0
8 If Hewlett-Packard ran Christmas...
- |They would market the Reverse Polish Ornament, which is put in your attic on the weekend after Than...Read the whole joke
164 0
9 If IBM ran Christmas...
- |They would want one big Santa, dressed in blue, where kids queue up for their present-processing. R...Read the whole joke
147 0
10 If Microsoft built cars
- |Top Ten ways things would be different if Microsoft built cars:1. A Particular model year of car wo...Read the whole joke
243 0
11 If Microsoft ran Christmas...
- |Each time you bought an ornament, you would have to buy a tree as well. You wouldn't have to take t...Read the whole joke
209 0
12 If Radio Shack ran Christmas...
- |he staff would sell you ornaments, but not know anything about them or what they were for. Or you c...Read the whole joke
169 0
13 If Silicon Graphics ran Christmas...
- |Ornaments would be priced slightly higher, but would hang on the tree remarkably quickly. Also the ...Read the whole joke
175 0
14 If Sony ran Christmas...
- |Their Personal Xmas-ing Device, which would be barely larger than an ornament and flat, would allow...Read the whole joke
187 0
15 If the Franklin Mint ran Christmas...
- |Every month, you would receive another lovely hand-crafted item from an authentic Civil War pewter ...Read the whole joke
165 0
16 If the NSA ran Christmas...
- |Your ornaments would have a secret trap door that only the NSA could access in case they needed to ...Read the whole joke
154 0
17 If The Rand Corporation ran Christmas...
- |The ornaments would be large perfectly smooth and seamless black cubes. Christmas morning there wou...Read the whole joke
152 0
18 If Thinking Machines ran Christmas...
- |You would be able to hang over 64,000 ornaments on your tree (all identical) at the same time....Read the whole joke
139 0
19 If Timex ran Christmas...
- |The holiday would be cheap, small, quartz-crystal driven, and would let you take a licking and keep...Read the whole joke
164 0
20 If University of Waterloo ran Christmas...
- |They would immediately change the name to WatMas....Read the whole joke
165 0

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